Material Shortages within the Industry

The Pandemic has created a lot of difficulties within the construction industry of which lasting effects will continue into 2022. All American Exterior Solutions has been adapting to the present situation, due to shortages of materials and delays. It is more important than ever for successful companies to adapt and change their business model to the current and future status of the industry.

Material shortages are difficult obstacles to get around when bidding on a project as well as ordering material for an ongoing project. Whether it is price hikes or increasing lead times, All American is committed to searching for as many options as possible in order to get the right material on time or before the project start date to avoid delays and avoid price hikes. This will allow our company to stay competitive and have material on time at a reasonable cost.

Options Include:

  • Getting similar materials by different manufacturers.
  • Ordering service and materials sooner that have long lead times.
  • Storing materials for future use.
  • Locking in material prices as soon as possible.

All American Exterior Solutions has been in the construction business for over 50 years and through the years has built strong relationships with our customers, general contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. The long-term relationships have given us the opportunity to obtain more insight on the status of supplies and projects that helps us get a better understanding on how to proceed with bidding and working on future jobs.

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