What is a sustainable roof?

As described by the Center for Environmental Innovation it can have several meanings.

We can think of sustainable roofs as warm, cool, white, blue, green, or even black with solar panels. Sustainable roofs can save or produce energy, and soften the impact on the environment. Insulation thickness is a major factor when it comes to the roof’s impact on the building’s energy consumption.  Roof systems can be installed for a 30 year life expectancy which reduces overall life cycle costs for the building as well as reducing waste or new material consumption by not having to install a new roof as often. Incorporating solar panels or wind turbines into a roof design, power for the building can be generated naturally. Vegetated “green” roofs can improve surrounding air quality by reducing the urban heat island effect, increasing biodiversity and wildlife, and assisting with storm water management by reducing and delaying stormwater runoff to reduce stress on storm sewer systems during heavy rains.  The newest exciting innovation in sustainable roofing is “blue” roofs.  Essentially water storage units under a green roof temporarily hold the storm water with a controlled output to the roof drain. This provides a natural holding solution and possibly eliminate the need for underground cisterns, storage tanks, or detention ponds.

Sustainable roofing is a very exciting and fast growing movement that All American Exterior Solutions® has been in the forefront of for years having completed some of the most sustainable roofs in the country.


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