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First we do the job right. Then we make sure it lasts. The long term care of your roof and/or exterior is something a lot of companies can’t bring to the table. At All American Exterior Solutions® we recognize that the true value of any project starts at completion. Therefore we deliver customized long-term maintenance plans in accordance with manufacturer specs so that you’re covered over the years and decades to come.

Water Proofing

A building is only as good as its protection against the elements and along with that the care and maintenance you provide for it. Waterproofing is one way of protecting your building envelope from moisture damage. All American Exterior Solutions® has applied waterproofing systems to many different applications above and below grade. All applications installed by our manufacturer certified crews carry a multi-year Weathertight warranty. Including waterproofing along with roofing applications can make warranties easier by having the entire building envelope under one company, and one warranty, without having to notify several companies. Securing the building envelope can help with the LEED certification process greatly. Some of the applications are listed below.

Below Grade

  • Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing
  • Fluid Applied Waterproofing
  • Self-Adhered Blindside Waterproofing
  • Self-Adhered Sheet Waterproofing
  • Sheet Applied Waterproofing
  • Bentonite Clay Waterproofing

Above Grade

  • Fluid Applied Air & Vapor Barriers
  • Fluid Applied, Permeable Air Barriers
  • Self-Adhered Air & Vapor Barriers

Building Envelope Inspection

All American Exterior Solutions® Preventive Maintenance program helps you avoid the costly surprise of unplanned roof repairs. A regularly scheduled maintenance program can prolong the life of the roof of any commercial, institutional or industrial building. Our commercial maintenance program includes a comprehensive annual or bi-annual roof inspection to assure:

  • Proper drainage so there is no standing water
  • Materials are in good shape, with no discoloration, punctures, de-lamination or problems with adhesion throughout the flat roof system and no loose or missing tiles in shingle or tile systems
  • All penetrations are flashed properly
  • No buckling or sagging of the roof deck
  • No corrosion or deformities of metal edge flashing
  • No exposure of felt or deck
  • No hail damage

As part of the inspection minor repairs are made, and a detailed report and photo documentation of all roofing conditions are provided. Our siding maintenance programs also includes a comprehensive annual or bi-annual inspection to assure:

  • Nothing is loose, missing, or dented
  • No damage to the overall structure
  • Windows, doors, and other penetrations are properly caulked
  • Seals are properly glazed.
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