Maintenance & Warranty

All American Exterior Solutions® Preventive Maintenance program helps you avoid the costly surprise of unplanned roof repairs. A regularly scheduled maintenance program can prolong the life of the roof of any commercial, institutional or industrial building. Many of the major manufacturers require bi-annual inspections to maintain your roofs warranty. Our commercial maintenance program includes a comprehensive annual or bi-annual roof inspection to assure:

  • Proper drainage so there is no standing water
  • Materials are in good shape, with no discoloration, punctures, de-lamination or problems with adhesion throughout the flat roof system and no loose or missing tiles in shingle or tile systems
  • All penetrations are flashed properly
  • No buckling or sagging of the roof deck
  • No corrosion or deformities of metal edge flashing
  • No exposure of felt or deck
  • No hail damage

As part of the inspection a detailed report and photo documentation of all roofing conditions are provided. Our siding maintenance programs also include a comprehensive annual or bi-annual inspection to assure:

  • Nothing is loose, missing, or dented
  • No damage to the overall structure
  • Windows, doors, and other penetrations are properly caulked
  • Seals are properly glazed


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