Today’s insulation products offer improved insulating benefits that help lower your heating and cooling costs. These products can easily be applied to existing structures. Read below about the variety of insulation products we install.

Spray Foam Insulation

As a Certified Icynene Company we offer both closed cell and open cell foam.  Ideal for Residential and Commercial Applications, Icynene Solutions Provide:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Icynene products give you both insulation R-value and air barrier performance, allowing you to minimize 2 major sources of heat loss/gain.  The result can be a reduction in heating and cooling costs of up to 50%.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Icynene’s air-sealing capabilities minimizes the entry of airborne irritant such as allergens, drafts or humidity.  Combined with proper mechanical ventilation, Icynene products assist occupants in controlling the quality of the indoor air that they breathe.
  • Contribution to LEED points – Icynene spray foam insulation solutions are vital contributors towards a home or building obtaining critical LEED points.

Icynene LD-C-50 is an open cell spray applied polyurethane foam insulation is a 0.5 lb. light density spray foam insulation having been used in  thousands of residential and commercials projects for over 20 years and is the industry benchmark for quality and innovation by which all other light density insulation product should be judged.

Icynene closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam insulation and air barrier materials are suitable for buildings in accordance with IRC and the IBC including Type I, II, III, IV and V construction. It delivers high R-value and Class II water vapor permeance required in certain climate zones.

These products are for use as a thermal insulation and air barrier in:

  • Exterior walls as continuous insulation
  • Wall cavities
  • Floor assemblies
  • Ceiling assemblies
  • Attics (vented and unvented)
  • Crawl spaces (vented and unvented)

Spray Applied Cellulose Insulation

Made from 85% recycled paper can be damp sprayed or installed as a dry application as well with netting.

  • Energy Savings – Cellulose helps buildings stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by effectively controlling all 3 methods of heat transfer: convective, conductive and radiant.  Buildings are more comfortable and less expensive to operate and maintain.
  • Air Sealing Benefits – Cellulose provides air sealing benefits, making it easier to satisfy energy code air tightness requirements without additional costs for air sealing.
  • Sound control – Cellulose provides superior sound attenuation, mostly due to it being blown or sprayed in providing a custom fit and higher installed density, eliminating gaps and voids around obstacles such plumbing, air ducts and wiring.
  • Safety – Non-corrosive, borate-based fire retardants which will not harm pipes or electrical wiring, cause or contain harmful fumes or become a health hazard to humans.

Batten and Loose Fill Insulation

Fiberglass is widely used in new construction for both thermal and acoustical purposes.

  • Thermal Performance – Fiberglass has been a tried and true, cost effective means of thermal insulation for decades in both commercial and residential.
  • Acoustics – Adding insulation helps prevent unwanted outside noise from penetrating the living space and when added to interior walls limits transmission of noise from room to room.
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Fiberglass is widely used in new construction for both thermal and acoustical purposes.

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